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Outboard Motor

UFLEX C2 Steering Control Cables + Adapter Kit

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Universal style cable with threaded ends

control cable

Stroke : 3.4" (87mm) 

These cables replace 33c or 3300 style cables

**MACH series high efficiency cables are recommended for Lengths over 30 ft.**

1 adapter Kit is required per engine to convert a Johnson/Evinrude or Mercury Outboard engine to a UFLEX universal cable. We also sell Mercury Outboard, Johnson, and Evinrude cables pre-made to fit your box.

UFLEX Adapter Kit Reference Chart:

Adapter Kit Fits:

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#k56 Mercury Outboard Engines

#k57 Johnson/Evinrude Engines

Steering Control Cable Reference Chart:

Part # Length TELEFLEX # MORSE # Add To Cart
C2X06 6 FT CC17206 3237703072

C2X07 7 FT CC17207 3237703084

C2X08 8 FT CC17208 3237703096

C2X09 9 FT CC17209 3237703108

C2X10 10 FT CC17210 3237703120

C2X11 11 FT CC17211 3237703132

C2X12 12 FT CC17212 3237703144

C2X13 13 FT CC17213 3237703156

C2X14 14 FT CC17214 3237703168

C2X15 15 FT CC17215 3237703180

C2X16 16 FT CC17216 3237703192

C2X17 17 FT CC17217 3237703204

C2X18 18 FT CC17218 3237703216

C2X19 19 FT CC17219 3237703228

C2X20 20 FT CC17220 3237703240

C2X21 21 FT CC17221 3237703252

C2X22 22 FT CC17222 3237703264

C2X23 23 FT CC17223 3237703276

C2X24 24 FT CC17224 3237703288

C2X25 25 FT CC17225 3237703324

C2X26 26 FT CC17226 3237703312

C2X27 27 FT CC17227 3237703324

C2X28 28 FT CC17228 3237703336

C2X29 29 FT CC17229 3237703348

C2X30 30 FT CC17230 3237703360

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