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Mercury Outboard / Mariner Section

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Mercury Outboard Crankshaft and Rods

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Rod; Used (bottom guided) Mercury Outboard V-6 636-8118A 5 636R

Rod; New top guided Mercury Outboard V-6 644-818141A 2 644N

Rod; Used Mercury Outboard V-6 3.0L 647-822373A2 647R

Rod; Used (bottom guided)  L3 - L4 638-9002A2 638R

Rod; Used top guided L3 - L4 646-818846A3 646R

Rod Bolt Early Inline Mercury Outboard 10-91012 RB3000

Rod Bolt V6 (bottom guided) 1984 - 1991 10-93886 RB7000

Rod Bolt V-6 top guided 1992 & UP 10-76349-1 RB8000

Rod Bolt L3, L4 & 3.0L V6 10-94320 RB9000

Lower Crankshaft Sleeve - 86349A 1 863

Cranks 2.0 / 2.4 / 2.5L V6 850690T2 953C