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Troubleshooting 174-832075K2

K2 Series : This Stator will replace the following stators Only:

P/N's : 398-832075A3, A5, A6, A9, and A12. 398-9873A22 and A28. This Stator is to be used as a replacement for the "RED" Mercury Outboard 16 Amp stators. It is NOT a Kit designed to replace the 398-8778 or 398-9710 series stators. If this Stator is used with the 332-7778, 332-5772, 18495 or 19052 series switch Boxes without the adapter module, the voltage generated by the high voltage coils will destroy the switch Boxes.

Troubleshooting the Stator

Will not charge battery:

1. Check resistance between the yellow wires, you should read approximately 0.4 ohms.

2. Check the resistance from each yellow Wire to engine ground, you should not read any resistance. Resistance to ground indicates a bad sector

No fire at all:

1. Inspect the flywheel outer and Trigger magnets to see if they are loose or broken.

2. Check resistance from white/green to green/white wires. OEM reads 600-700 ohms. Check resistance from white/green and green/white wires to engine ground. There should be no reading with the wires disconnected.

3. DVA ( peak voltage) test Stator output from white/green to green/white wires. It should be 180v or more with the wires connected to the switch Box ( CDM modules).

4. Disconnect the rectifier/regulator and retest. If the fire returns, replace the rectifier/regulator.

High speed miss or weak hole shot:

1. Connect DVA meter from white/green to green/white wires and do a running test. The voltage should show a smooth climb and stabilize. If you see a sudden drop in voltage right before the miss becomes apparent, the Stator is likely at fault.

2. Repeat the test for the blue Wire ( if present ). There should be a smooth climb in voltage with no drop at all up to wide - open throttle.

3. Disconnect rectifier/regulator and retest. If the problem disappears, replace the rectifier/regulator and retest.

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