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OMC / Johnson / Evinrude

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OMC Miscellaneous Gaskets and Seals

Part Description, OE number Part number cart.gif (2032 bytes)
Lower Seal Lower seal fits oe 330137 027

Lower Seal Double lip lower seal OMC V4 X-Flow 92 & up, and 60 degree V motors. oe 337085 085

Lower Crankshaft Seal Double lip lower Crankshaft seal for OMC Crossflow til 1991, OE 331103 103

Upper Crank Seal OMC 60 degree upper crank seal OE 336232 232

Lower Crankshaft seal Double lip lower Crankshaft seal for OMC Looper 200-225HP, OE 332942 332

Upper Seal Upper Seal Fits V4/V6 X-Flow & Looper OE 339620 1452

Upper Seal Upper seal fits 2&3 Cyl., or 321895 1581

Temperature Tattle Tale 250 - 255 Degree core melt overheat detector. Sold in packs of five. HT100

Loctite Threadlocker

Loctite Threadlocker 271B

Gasket Sealing compound

OMC gasket sealing compound"peanut butter" OE 508235 235

Gasket Sealing compound

16 oz can of OMC gasket sealing compound "peanut butter" OE 508235 235-16

Gasket Maker and Seal

forms gasket to prevent leaks under high temperature and pressure, resists gas & oil, ideal for carburetors


Three bond semi-drying liquid gasket



Engine Assembly Grease



Gel Seal

Seals metal surfaces, Temperature range of -65 to +300 degrees F, red colored


Larger Gel Seal

Designed to seal metal surfaces such as blocks and crankcases. Recommended in service manuals. Temperature range of -65 to + 365 Degree F. Red in color.


O Ring 326741 1453

O Ring 305123 250

RTV Silicone Hi-temp RTV Silicone 18-9016

Bleed Hose 3/32" x 10' 8048

Bleeds Hose 1/16" x 10' 8050