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UFLEX Rotech Rotary Steering

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Fits Teleflex QC and Morse command 290 Helms


UFLEX Rotary Steering Cable Reference Chart:

Part # Length TELEFLEX # Add To Cart
M66X07 7 FT SSC6207

M66X08 8 FT SSC6208

M66X09 9 FT SSC6209

M66X10 10 FT SSC6210

M66X11 11 FT SSC6211

M66X12 12 FT SSC6212

M66X13 13 FT SSC6213

M66X14 14 FT SSC6214

M66X15 15 FT SSC6215

M66X16 16 FT SSC6216

M66X17 17 FT SSC6217

M66X18 18 FT SSC6218

M66X19 19 FT SSC6219

M66X20 20 FT SSC6220

M66X21 21 FT SSC6221

M66X22 22 FT SSC6222

M66X23 23 FT SSC6223

M66X24 24 FT SSC6224

M66X25 25 FT SSC6225

M66X26 26 FT SSC6226

M66X27 27 FT SSC6227

M66X28 28 FT SSC6228

M66X29 29 FT SSC6229

M66X30 30 FT SSC6230