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Chrysler and Force Outboard Motor Crankshaft and Rods

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Chrysler and Force Outboard Motor CrankShafts and Rods 

Chrysler and Force Outboard Motor Rod

Part Type Fits Year OE# Notes Part # Forcei1.jpg (3670 bytes)
Connecting Rod; Top Guided 40-120HP 1996-Up 640-9612A 7 Casting no. 640-856585 640N

Connecting Rod; (bottom guided) 35-150HP. USED, reconditioned rod. Mostly of stock. call first 1995-prior 600-818052A 4 600-818052T6 Casting no. 335016-3 335R

Crankshaft   1995-prior 400-817859A2   6640R

Crankshaft 125-140HP 1993-PRIOR 400-817400A3   6641R

Crankshaft 120HP 1995-UP 400-819462A1 13 Spline 6642R

Crankshaft 4 Cylinder 1997-up 489-828306A1 T1 13 Spline 6643R

Crankshaft 120 HP 1997-up - 14 Spline 6644R

Crankshaft 3 Cylinder - - - 6645R

Rod Bolt 40-150HP - 10-91012 Force Outboard Motor RB3000

Crank Sealing Ring - - F316579 - 316579N