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Shipping Cost Explained

This is our EXCHANGE and order canceling  policy:

  We deal with wrong parts ordered but not with... "I ordered parts but my mechanic also ordered them and he put his in,  so I need to send everything back."  OR... "I decided not to fix the motor."  or best yet... A real estate professional just returned 5 of 6 spark plug wires ordered because he replaced only one wire on his six cylinder motor. Please speak to your mechanic about parts you are buying first. We will exchange a wrong item for a right item. 

CANCELING  an order:  Canceling after an order has "settled".

Once an order "settled" it means that the credit card company has charged us for a transaction. It also means that the gateway company (makes the connection to the card company) also charged us and the the processing company with the security also charged us.  Canceling the order requires a REFUND after the card company processed the "end of day." If you call to cancel an order the same day we try and catch it before the card companies do the charges at the end of day.  Otherwise, we will refund you money after subtracting the charges we incurred. Refunding money by Internet is another series of charges just as if it is a new order. Even if the item did not ship we incur credit card charges 2x if the item was processed and the credit card company settled and a refund is necessary.  Once the order is place the processing from the warehouse is often done within a few hours. The warehouse will not undo an order once it has been boxed and invoiced  to UPS.  They can't even find the box once it's piled up for the UPS driver to pick up. Please do not just place a dummy order to milk information and pricing from us and expect to cancel the order later that day.  We will try to cancel an order if you change your mind, but often it is too late. The charges to cancel an order after the day has "settled" is about 10%  for us and is passed on to you in the refund.  Canceling an order before the "end of day" incurs no charges. Use the phone if you change your mind the same day prior to 5pm eastern standard time.  We do not monitor e-mail 24-7 to check if someone changed their mind. We monitor e-mail every morning so call if you change your mind the same day. 

Wrong Item Policy:

First contact us for an authorization number:

Please donít slap on postage or scribble addresses on the manufacture's box. Please ship it back inside another box just like we shipped it to you. We need the manufacture's box to look new and the part to be new.

Everything that follows assumes an error for a part that has not been installed.  

  If you installed the part then it is your part forever unless it is found to be defective by the manufacture. Third party opinions do not count. We will determine the routing of a problem. We have hundreds of years-combined experience with our own staff, plus the staff of machinists and mechanics employed by our manufactures and distributors. We deal exclusively with American suppliers. If there is a problem you will be speaking to someone in the USA, either us, or a referenced manufacturer or distributor.

AGAIN... There is no credit or exchange of an installed part.  

  The only remedy for installed parts will be the manufactures warranty. The manufacture will have to determine the warranty coverage. These days the electronic manufactures we deal with have stopped taking anything back from the distributors. They all want to deal directly with the customer.

  Once you install a part it is a manufacture that is involved every time and not the vendor.  They are the entity that will determine the warranty coverage or repair service.   We use cooperative manufactures and distributors.  Keep and register your warranty paperwork if provided. We will instruct you about where to send a previously installed part.


**** No returns on electronic parts **** 

  We expect the general public is not experts in the parts business. If you make a mistake, it is OK. We will work with you to get you the correct part, however you must give us the opportunity to rectify the problem. You also must be willing to follow our directions. If you receive or have ordered an incorrect item, we will exchange that item for the correct item, with no restocking or shipping charge to you. All exchanges must be done within 30 days of the original purchase. If you paid for second day air on the original item, we will ship the replacement item by second day air with no additional shipping or stocking charges. Any difference in price (of the replacement item) will either be credited or charged to your credit card. 

  At this time there is no foreseeable situation where you buy a part and then decide to return it without an exchange. If for some unforeseen instance we would approve a return without an exchange a 20 percent charge for restocking, credit card fees, transaction percentages and the original shipping will be subtracted from your reimbursement. If we are not able to replace your part with the correct part, there will be no charges from us and you will receive a full refund.  

Electronic parts can not be returned for credit. Not even with a restocking fee.

We keep to this policy without exception.

  Keep you warranty paperwork that is in the box. Our electronic parts have long warranty from the manufacture. All electronic parts need to be returned to the manufacture if there is a problem. Most powerpacks and stators have a one or two year warranty, unlike the outboard motor manufacturers that only warranty electronics for 90 days.

  We only handle wrong item problems. (
if not installed) Check your part and make sure it looks like the one you took out.  The manufacturer handles all warranty/defective parts issues. Wrong items it may require you to send in your old part for identification. 
  Electrical parts may only be exchanged for a similar part. Example: A Stator that was incorrect, for a Stator that was correct. Example: A power pack that was incorrect, for a power pack that was correct or a Trigger for a Trigger.
  Electronic parts that have been installed, unless defective, may not be returned. If the electronic part is defective, then it is the manufacturer that processes the warranty. This is the reason that we deal with American companies. Any "defective" part is a warranty issue and is taken up with the warranty paperwork and the manufacturer. We do not determine if electronic parts are "bad". The manufacturer is the only entity that can do that for you. The ratio is less than 5% of the parts returned as "defective" actually are.

  The error rate from customers is as high as professional mechanics. That is why the manufacture has a technical support staff. They know the common installation errors that mechanics and customers make and can usually correct them over the phone or by e-mail. The CDI support staff has over 100 years of combined experience.

  There are very few "outboard mechanics" capable or equipped of testing electronic parts. They do not own the (sometimes) exotic equipment necessary to test every type of power pack made for every type of engine under the sun. Most of the small mechanical shops do exactly what you would do. They change out parts and make educated guesses until the engine starts to run again. At best, they do a process of elimination based on the parts they can  test with their equipment. You need to be willing to keep the parts you ordered. 

  The manufacture has specific test equipment. Often they can lead you or your mechanic to a more accurate diagnosis; especially if you are turning back electronics are deemed "defective" and then found to be working fine. It's an industry wide problem and includes supposedly "certified" mechanics.

  The company that produced the part is the expert on that part. The company that produced the part is the only entity that we accept as being the expert. They do not give the customer a bad time. If the part is defective, they send out a replacement.

  We inspect the part for signs of installation. Even if you have a return authorization for an exchange as a wrong item, it is always under the condition that the part was not installed. The returned part must be complete with all the gaskets, brackets, hardware, and instructions or no credit will be given. It must arrive in good condition, not damaged because it was sent back with no packing.

   Electrical parts include stators, coils, power packs, CDM modules, flywheels, starters, triggers, and trim motors. *** Please see note at bottom of page, for a complete explanation.

Return the incorrect item to:


2936 Webber Place

Sarasota, Florida 34232

***** Please include your name, the order date and order ID number. **

  Return Authorization

contact (941) 209-5747

or e-mail

We are not equipped to issue UPS call tags.

**** A note about electronic parts. *

   Electronic parts are easily damaged.  Installing a good electronic part with another damaged or shorted part can immediately ruin the new part.  We are not equipped to test returned electronic parts. A few customers have had the impression that they can troubleshoot their electronics by buying and returning parts until the engine starts to run.  This means we would need to supply thousands of dollars of electronics to a customer to sell them just one part, pay the shipping back and forth many times, then somehow dispose of, or recondition and test everything sent back.  The scenario we encounter is when a customer has consulted a mechanic on the phone. The mechanic indicated to the customer a likely part and a price. The price was high, so they looked on the net.  The customer then buys the part and it does not fix the problem.

Please be sure the electronic part you order is the part that is defective, or be willing to keep the part for a spare.

  We have an electronic troubleshooting guide in each section. If you are not sure, then it is best to let a professional troubleshoot the engine and buy the parts from him. If he is wrong then he eats the part.  We cannot take back an electronic part. You would not want to receive an electronic part from us that another customer may have installed.  

Thank You