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*Please double check the casting numbers on the cylinder. There are two different Lengths available.*

MerCruiser Bravo I II III Lower Gearcase

See reference picture below!

Reference Number

see chart below

Type OE# Part# cart.gif (2032 bytes)
1 Prop Nut Kit, Bravo I 11-52707AQ 1 65707

2 Prop thrust washer, Bravo I 12-835467 1 4220

3 Carrier retainer nut, Bravo I 79448 3751

4 Tab washer, small. Use with  carrier casting #73020C 1, Bravo I 14-18323 2298

4 Tab washer, large. Use with  carrier casting #73020C , Bravo I 14-79447 2299

5 Magneteic drain screw, Bravo I II III 22-67892A 1 64892

not shown

Drain / fill screw gasket 10 pack, Bravo

27-19183 3 64183

7 Prop shaft seal, 2 required, Bravo I 26-76868 238

8 Bearing carrier o-ring, Bravo I 25-31534 217

9 Rear prop shaft Bearing, Bravo I 31-66668A 1 18-1103

10 Tapered roller Bearing, Bravo I & III 31-86752A 1 18-1130

11 Pinion Bearing, (not used with housing casting #1641-8293C Early bravo II) Bravo 31-86754T 18-1123

12 Aluminum anode, Bravo I II III 76214Q 5 70214

12 Magnesium anode, freshwater, Bravo 76214Q 6 70214M

13 Lower drive shaft Bearing, Bravo I II III 31-66668A 1 18-1103

14 Upper drive shaft Bearing, Bravo I II III 31-86748A 1 18-1129

not shown

Bearing Carrier Retainer Wrench, Bravo

91-91039T 18-9858

not shown

Prop shaft Bearing, bravo II only

31-54042T 18-1180

not shown Includes filler vent checkvalve and hose assembly Gearcase Filler 551-33GF

not shown Includes hose, clamp, shutoff valve and threaded tip and unthreaded tip for CDI and Stevens Fillers Replacement Hose Assembly 551-33HA

not shown Fits Johnson/ Evinrude and Mercury Outboard / Mariner Threaded Nozzle 551-33TN

not shown Fits all metric gear cases except Suzuki Metric Adapter 551-33M

not shown Fits Suzuki Gearcases Metric Adapter 551-33S

mercbravlwrgrcs.jpg (81862 bytes)