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Top end gasket kits include head, base, reed, power valve & exhaust gaskets.
Yamaha Miscellaneous Gaskets
Type Fits/ oe number Part # cart.gif (2032 bytes)
Base Gasket 650, 701m 760 all models; 6M6-11351-00 S2220

Base Gasket GP1200R S3420

Base Gasket 110cc, 63M-11351-00 S4415

Base Gasket 120cc, 65U-11351-00 S4615

Head Gasket 650cc, 6r7-11181-A0-00 S2205

Head Gasket 701 Venture/ Raider/ XL/ 96-up SJ; 62T-11181-00-00 S2810

Head Gasket 701cc, 61X-11181-A0-00 S2215

Head Gasket 64X-11181-00-00   760cc S3200

Head Gasket 64X-11181-00-00   760cc S3210

Head Gasket 800cc S3400

Head Gasket GP1200R S3600

Head Gasket 1100cc S4400

Head Gasket 1200cc S4600

Head Gasket 1200cc S4610

Water Jacket Gasket 1200r S3610

Water Jacket Gasket 63m-11193-00; 1100-1200cc S4500

Flywheel Cover Gasket oe: 6M6-81365 S2360

Mikuni Carburetor Base Gasket 44mm S9240

Reed Gasket 650cc, 6M6-13621-00 S2280

Reed Gasket 701, 61X-13621-00 S2290

Reed Gasket 1200CC S3440

Reed Gasket 1200R S3435

Carburetor Gasket 1200 cc S5460

Carburetor Manifold Gasket 1200 cc S4620

Carburetor Gasket 38mm 6100

Carburetor Gasket 40mm 6107

Carburetor Base Gasket 1200R S3425

Carburetor Manifold Gasket 1200R S3620

Head Pipe Gasket 1200R S3660

Exhaust Pipe Gasket 701-760cc S2870

Top Intake Manifold Gasket 650cc, 6M6-13563-00 S2240

Top Manifold Gasket 701cc, 61X-135631-00 S2250

Lower Intake Manifold Gasket 650cc, 6M6-13566-00 S2260

Lower Intake Manifold Gasket 701cc, 61V-13566-00 S2270

Intake Manifold Gasket 701 (62T) / 760, 62T-13556-00 S2820

Exhaust Manifold Gasket 650 S2310

Exhaust Manifold Gasket 701 S2330

Exhaust Manifold Gasket 701 Raider and 760's S2850

Mikuni Carburetor Base Gasket 44mm S9240

Oil Pump Gasket does not fit 1100 and early 1200cc 97-99; OE: 61V-13566-00 S2340

Water Jacket Cover 1100-1200cc; OE: 63M-11193-00 S4500

Exhaust Pipe Gasket 1100-1200cc; OE: 63M-14749-00 S4460