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        Sleeve Installation

We recommend the following basic guide lines when installing sleeves.

1. Interference fir for cylinder sleeve to aluminum bore is .004" to .005

2. Interference fit for cylinder sleeve to cast iron bore in .002 to .003

3. Installation of flanged type sleeve follows the same guidelines, but the top of the cylinder must be Countersunk to the correct depth to accept the flanged sleeve.

4. Heat the cylinder for 1 to 1-1/2 hours at 400- 450 degrees.

5. The sleeve should slide in very easily when the cylinder is heated properly.

6. Rap the sleeve down after the sleeve has cooled off.

7. Mill the top deck of the cylinder to add finishing touch. Caution - some cylinders may not be able to have the surface decked.

8. Chamfer the ports to increase ring life.