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Sealers & Hardware   Boyesen Power Reeds Troubleshooting
  OMC Pistons
OMC / Johnson / Evinrude
5HP-48HP 50HP-60HP 50HP-75HP 65HP-115HP
120HP-140HP 150HP-200HP 200HP-225HP 225HP-275HP

*all pistons are sold with wrist pins, rings, and clips (unless noted).

**all pistons & kits include one piston only.

A PRO Piston is made of the highest quality alloys. Pro Pistons are made from high silicon aluminum alloy and meets or exceeds OEM specifications. The Pro pistons are our most economical piston line.

The Pro-V Piston line of pistons are made of the same alloys as the pro piston adding a gray moly coating. Moly reduces friction during the critical break-in period and Helps dissipate heat as well.

Tip:    When checking for Cyl. wear be sure to check at the top, 
the center, and the bottom of the Cyl.. 
The most wear will take place around the ports. 
If the Cyl. is more than .003" out; bore the hole and replace with an oversize piston.

**Be sure to wash block with soap and water after honing. The stones will leave a very fine grit in the Motor that will wear the rings and walls very fast.  SOLVENT WILL NOT WORK.

After apply 2 cycle oil on the Cyl. walls to prevent rust.
You can identify the year of the Motor using the chart displayed below. If the ID number is
The last two letters are C and O, which translates to 8 and 5, thus the year number on this Motor is 1985, this works on 1980 and above
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0