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Outboard Motor

UFLEX C5 Mercury Outboard Control Cables

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Mercury Outboard style cable for Mercury/Mariner & MerCruiser

throttle / shift - stroke : 3.75" (95mm)

Replaces 600A or KM 637323 & Mercury Outboard Quicksilver Brand

Part # Length TELEFLEX # Mercury Outboard # Add To Cart
C5X06 6 FT CC17906 850716A6

C5X07 7 FT CC17907 850716A7

C5X08 8 FT CC17908 850716A8

C5X09 9 FT CC17909 850716A9

C5X10 10 FT CC17910 850716A10

C5X11 11 FT CC17911 850716A11

C5X12 12 FT CC17912 850716A12

C5X13 13 FT CC17913 850716A13

C5X14 14 FT CC17914 850716A14

C5X15 15 FT CC17915 850716A15

C5X16 16 FT CC17916 850716A16

C5X17 17 FT CC17917 850716A17

C5X18 18 FT CC17918 850716A18

C5X19 19 FT CC17919 850716A19

C5X20 20 FT CC17920 850716A20

C5X21 21 FT CC17921 850716A21

C5X22 22 FT CC17922 850716A22

C5X23 23 FT CC17923 850716A23

C5X24 24 FT CC17924 850716A24

C5X25 25 FT CC17925 850716A25

C5X26 26 FT CC17926 850716A26

C5X27 27 FT CC17927 850716A27

C5X28 28 FT CC17928 850716A28

C5X29 29 FT CC17929 850716A29

C5X30 30 FT CC17930 850716A30