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UFLEX Rotary Steering Packages

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Replacement Rotary Steering Parts 

Part # Description Fits: TELEFLEX #

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M86 Single Cable Rack Helm SH5210P

G86 Single Cable Rack Tilt Helm SH91528P

X52 Tilt Mechanism for all HelmS SH91500

Rotary Steering Cable Reference Chart: 

Rotech # Length TELEFLEX # Add To Cart
M86X07 7 FT SSC13407

M86X08 8 FT SSC13408

M86X09 9 FT SSC13409

M86X10 10 FT SSC13410

M86X11 11 FT SSC13411

M86X12 12 FT SSC13412

M86X13 13 FT SSC13413

M86X14 14 FT SSC13414

M86X15 15 FT SSC13415

M86X16 16 FT SSC13416

M86X17 17 FT SSC13417

M86X18 18 FT SSC13418

M86X19 19 FT SSC13419

M86X20 20 FT SSC13420

M86X21 21 FT SSC13421

M86X22 22 FT SSC13422

M86X23 23 FT SSC13423

M86X24 24 FT SSC13424

M86X25 25 FT SSC13425

M86X26 26 FT SSC13426

M86X27 27 FT SSC13427

M86X28 28 FT SSC13428

M86X29 29 FT SSC13429

M86X30 30 FT SSC13430