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UFLEX RackTECH Outboard Rack and Pinion Steering Packages

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Each Package Includes :

M86 Helm & Cable - G86 Shaft Assembly - X34 BEZEL

Rack Steering Reference Chart: 

(Steering Wheel NOT INCLUDED)

Rotech # Length TELEFLEX # ADD To CART
RAK07 7 FT SS14X07

RAK08 8 FT SS14X08

RAK09 9 FT SS14X09

RAK10 10 FT SS14X10

RAK11 11 FT SS14X11

RAK12 12 FT SS14X12

RAK13 13 FT SS14X13

RAK14 14 FT SS14X14

RAK15 15 FT SS14X15

RAK16 16 FT SS14X16

RAK17 17 FT SS14X17

RAK18 18 FT SS14X18

RAK19 19 FT SS14X19

RAK20 20 FT SS14X20