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Tohatsu/Nissan Gaskets

Tohatsu/Nissan Gaskets

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Type Fits/ OE# Part #   cart.gif (2032 bytes)
Gasket Kit 40/50HP Complete w/seal Kit 10-7480

Gasket Kit 60/70HP Complete w/seal Kit 10-7280

Gasket Kit 90HP Complete w/seal Kit 10-7380

Seal Kit 40/50HP 3 Cylinder; 3 seals and O-rings 10-7470

Seal Kit 60/70HP 3 Cylinder. 3 seals and O-rings 10-7270

Seal Kit 90HP 3 Cylinder. 3 seals and O rings 10-7370

Base Gasket 40/50HP; OE:3C8-013030-0 10-7430

Base Gasket 60/70HP. OE 3F3-01303-0 10-7240

Base Gasket 90HP. OE:3B7-01303-0 10-7350

Thermostat Gasket 60/70hp. OE:353-01032-0 10-7225

Thermostat Gasket 90HP. OE:353-02104-0 10-7320

Head Cover Gasket 40/50HP. OE:3C8-01024-0 10-7405

Head Cover Gasket 60/70HP. OE:3F3-01024-0 10-7210

Head Cover Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-01024-0 10-7305

Exhaust Cover Gasket 40/50HP. OE:3C8-02305-0 10-7410

Exhaust Cover Gasket 60/70HP. OE:3F3-02305-0 10-7215

Exhaust Cover Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-02305-0 10-7310

Manifold Gasket 40/50HP; OE: 3C8-02104-0 10-7420

Intake Gasket 60/70HP; OE 3F3-02104-0 10-7230

Reed Gasket 90HP; OE 3B7-02104-0 10-7325

Blind Plate Gasket 40/50HP; OE: 3C8-09082-0 10-7415

Drive housing Gasket 60/70HP; OE: 3F3-61012-0 10-7235

Blind Plate Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-09082-0 10-7315

Drive housing Gasket 40/50HP; OE: 3C8-61012-0 10-7425

Exhaust Gasket 60/70HP; OE: 3F3-02312-0 10-7245

Carburetor Base Gasket 90HP. OE: 346-02011-0 10-7330

Exhaust Gasket 40/50HP; OE: 3C8-02312-0 10-7435

Exhaust housing Gasket 60/70HP; OE  3F3-61181-0 10-7250

Arrestor Gasket 90HP. OE: 346-02414-0 10-7335

Exhaust housing Gasket 40/50HP; OE:3C8-61181-0 10-7440

Drive housing Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-61012-0 10-7345

Silencer Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-02418-0 10-7340

Exhaust Gasket 90HP. OE: 3B7-02312-0 10-7355

Exhaust housing Gasket 90HP. OE:3B7-61181-0 10-7360

Bleed Hose 3/32"ID x 10' 8048

HT 100 250-255 degree core melt overheat detector. Sold in packs of 5 HT100

Bleed Hose 1/16" ID x 10' 8050

Tohatsu/Nissan Head Gaskets

40/50HP 3C8-01053-0 10-7400

60/70HP 3F3-02005-0 10-7200

90HP 3B7-01005-0 10-7300