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OMC / Johnson / Evinrude

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OMC Pins and Clips

Pistons Rings Gaskets&Seals Bearings Cooling System
Carburetor Kit Electric System Lower Gear Case Crank Shafts & Rods
Tip: Use a good quality 2 cycle Motor oil to lubricate the rings and Cylinder walls upon assembly. We don't recommend grease - it is different than oil and may cause scuffing.
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OMC Pins and Clips


Cyl. Size OE# Part # cart.gif (2032 bytes)
Wristpin V4-V6-V8 Looper - 326764 1900

Wristpin V4-V6 3/4" w/pins 327861 S473

Wristpin 2-3 3.187" 322188 7200P

Wristpin 2-3 3.000" 320954 S479

Circlips (SOLD Each ) V4-V6-V8 Looper - 326765 1900C

Circlips (SOLD Each ) 2-6cyl Crossflow all 3/4" wristpins 317831 7300C