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Troubleshooting and Installation of Stator 113-7123

  This information was packed with Stator number 113-7123.  It is not for every Stator. Some tips are some good ones that the customer can use to Help trouble shoot other stators as well.   The Wiring codes could be different on other stators. These products were designed to be installed by a professional marine mechanic. cannot be held liable for injury or damage resulting from improper installation, abuse, neglect or misuse of this information or products.


Discoloration of all the battery windings is an indication of a problem in the rectifier / regulator circuit. Discoloration of only one post of the battery windings indicate a problem in the Stator.


This Unit does not have a tachometer drive circuit. Motorola and Delta / Wabash amplifiers are replaced by this CDI Universal pack. all clipper modules, surge suppressers and safety circuits should be removed. After removing, be sure the Ignition (red/purple) Wire is connected directly to the Ignition switch terminal.   Failure to remove these items could void the Rapair warranty. all battery CD ignitions include a new Ignition coil.

1.    Disconnect the positive battery cable.

2.    Check and clean all battery terminals and engine grounds.

3.    Unbolt and remove the old CDI module, save the original bolts and nuts.

4.    Remove the blue Wire to the coil and discard.

5.    Disconnect the points wires from the points and the points plate, (retain any rubber grommets).

6.    Install the new CDI module using the original bolts and nuts.

7.    Using the original grommets,connect the black/white Wire to the points and the small terminal on the black Wire to the points          plate.

8.    Connect the large terminal of the black Wire to the CD module's mounting bolt.

9.    Connect the blue Wire to the Ignition coil.

10.   Connect the red Wire from the pack to the purple (or red) Wire from the Ignition switch on the terminal strip or quick           connect.

11.    Tape off the gray tachometer Wire.   (The original tack was driven from the CDI box)  all the new Tachometers have been driven from the voltage regulator or the rectifier for years. The new ones are all built this way. This is why the replacement units have no tach circuit. The CDI Unit would blow the the new style tachs if they were connected to the CDI box.  If you are restoring a vintage boat CDI will include a tach circuit to drive a vintage tachometer on a special order basis with a reasonable additional charge.

12.    Reconnect the battery cable.


Troubleshooting the CDI Module

***This is for the module 113-7123 replacement module only ****

1.    Connect a spark gap tester to the high tension lead coming from the Ignition coil and set it to approximately 1/2           inch. If it fires when you crank the engine over, there is a problem in the distributor cap, rotor button of spark           wires.

2.    Check the voltage present on the red Wire (from the pack) at cranking. It must be at least 9 1/2 volts.  If not,          the problem is in the Harness, key switch, starter or battery.

3.    Check the DVA voltage on the blue Wire going to the coil.  It should be approximately 200 volts at cranking.

4.    Disconnect the black/white Trigger Wire and strike it against engine ground. The Unit should fire each time.  If          it does, the CD module is usually good and the points should be checked.

NOTE: When you turn the Ignition on, you may hear a high pitched whining noise coming from the CDI module. This is normal depending upon the battery voltage.

Click here for Complete Electronic Troubleshooting Information and Guide.

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