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Outboard Motor Hydraulic Flexible Hoses - Kit

Each kit comes with two flexible hoses

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Part # Length TELEFLEX # Add To Cart
OB02 2 FT HO5102

OB03 3 FT HO5103

OB04 4 FT HO5104

OB05 5 FT HO5105

OB06 6 FT HO5106

OB08 8 FT HO5107

OB10 10 FT HO5110

OB12 12 FT HO5112

OB14 14 FT HO5114

OB16 16 FT HO5116

OB18 18 FT HO5118

OB20 20 FT HO5120

OB22 22 FT HO5122

OB24 24 FT HO5124

OB26 26 FT HO5126

OB28 28 FT HO5128

OB30 30 FT HO5130