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UFLEX PROTECH Outboard Hydraulic Steering

Hoses Sold Separately:


Flexible hoses 2 - 30 ft


Flexible hoses with bulkhead fitting & bend restrictor 5 - 30 ft


Each steering package includes UP28F mount Helm, UC128-OBF front mount cylinder, and 2 quarts of #15 hydraulic oil.

Note : Different Kits have different link arm styles to fit specific engines. Call 941-209-5747 for application

Part # Part Description TELEFLEX # Add To Cart
PT10 Steering Package HK6300, HK6400

PT20 Steering Package HK6300, HK6400

PT30 Steering Package HK6300, HK6400

OIL15 Hydraulic Oil 1 QUART HA5430

X56 Round Helm BEZEL HA5417, HA5418

X57 SQUARE Helm BEZEL HA5417, HA5419

HAkit Power PURGE Adapter Kit -

Fkit Remote Fill Kit -