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OMC Troubleshooting Section


Use of Electronic Test Equipment


  Tricks to Testing with Minimal Test Equipment


Troubleshooting OMC Power Packs and CD's


Troubleshooting OMC Battery CD ignitions


OMC (DVA) Peak Reading Voltage and Resistance Chart


OMC Ignition Cranking Voltage Reference Chart

Rebuilding Tips


Rebuilding Tips

Troubleshooting Home page


CDI electronics; Use of Electronic Test Equipment and Ignition Troubleshooting


Print out this booklet (without the charts): several topics combined for easy printing.


The electronic data in this Section has been largely supplied by CDI electronics, division of Rapair, Inc.  CDI electronics has been the leader in outboard marine Ignition technology since 1983, and their products are marketed under the name of "Quick Strike ignitions".  Outboardparts.com features CDI Electronic Products throughout our site.


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