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Chrysler or Force Outboard Motor Rings


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SORRY:  We no longer supply rings.

The return and error rate was too high.

Customers did not measure their rings the bore size or look to see if it was a tapered ring prior to ordering. Many aftermarket pistons use different rings and different thickness from rectangle to tapered on one ring only.  We no longer supply Italian pistons as rings are often one year away or never available.   This chart is only to provide customers with some guidance for the description and size of the rings.  The tapered rings were used on original pistons. 

There are many aftermarket pistons that take different rings. 

Each item is a set of rings for one piston only.

Rings listed are for original pistons only.    

with all the rings that did not work out, the back and forth shipping was killing us. It's not cost effective to ship rings back and forth or restock rings, issue credits, incur credit card charges, more transaction fees and double charges to us to return money to credit cards.   For that reason we declared providing rings is a no-win  situation for the customer and ourselves. 

In most cases it is best to replace the piston with a Wiseco piston. The new pistons all come with rings. Rings are available for aftermarket Wiseco pistons.

These rings BELOW  are for the original Chrysler or Force Outboard Motor Pistons.

If you are ordering replacement pistons they already have rings and wrist pins.     

Model Year Bore Ring Part Number
Fits all thru 1988  rectangular; OE: FA335260 up to 1988........They are  rectangular rings. Will not work if your Motor uses a tapered ring. thru 1988 3-5/16"



thru 1988 +.010


Fits all thru 1988 thru 1988 3-5/16" piston +.030 4630
70-150HP with thirty degree taper on top ring. Rectangle on bottom. OE: 39-820457A1 1989-up STD, 3.375" 457
70-150HP with thirty degree taper on top ring. Rectangle on bottom. OE: 39-820457A1. 30 Over 1989-UP 3.375" +.030 457-30
3-5 Cylinder; STD. Rings; Force Outboard Motor.  OE:828564A4 1997-UP 3.375" 8564